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Components of Digital Marketing

There is a complete list of blogs mentioned on Vellko related to affiliate marketing and digital marketing. Today we are going to discuss one of the important factors of digital marketing having components included in it. This blog is common for all the people who are part of the digital marketing team or not. There can be many interns, fresher and experienced candidates working in this field. Many of them may be or may not know the terms including.

Below is the list of the components posted in the digital marketing plan.

1. Advertising

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. Pay per click advertising

4. Web design

5. Content marketing

6. Social media marketing

7. Email marketing

8. Graphic design

9. Mobile application

10. Search engine marketing

  1. Advertising

Advertisement or ad is done to popularize your brand on a greater scale. There are two types of advertisement, one is traditional advertisements and other digital advertisements. In the medium of modern marketing and social media marketing, companies have started giving their ad an online way. Digital marketing is helpful in a positive impact.

It has reduced the lump sum amount paid to the traditional advertisement. Now people only have to pay for the click done on each ad. Advertisers usually do the payment on the type of advertisement done on the specific people based on their factors.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes various digital marketing strategies to boost your ranking and result in Google Search Engine. When your website starts ranking on search engine then digital marketing can help you to get a lot of qualified leads that can easily be converted into sales.

This component can help you to generate revenue and boost your branding. SEO Improve the speed of your page with several backlinks from reputable websites.

3. Pay per click advertising

This type of component will help you to maintain the presence of your website in the search result with the help of several clicks. You can start welcoming the leads as soon as your ad goes live. With the help of PPC, you can easily target the people according to the location, demographic, and the type of devices they are using.

Marketing helps you not to waste any money on fake advertisements and promotions. You just have to pay for the click made by the visitors. You have to search for the best digital marketing agency that has great experience in every component.

4. Web design

As the term denotes to develop and create a website and generate lots of traffic, visitors, users, and generate revenue. The website should be designed in such a way so that these components get fulfilled under digital marketing services. Digital advertising is done on the website and various other media as well.

5. Content Marketing

In this kind of marketing, you need to write some attractive content so that people can easily get convinced and there is no such need to have a conversation multiple numbers of times. The content and the matter should be ready in such a way that people understand easily by reading in the first instance.

The content can be in the form of blogs, articles, web content, infographics, services, about us, any news, and a short message. Nowadays we all are residing in a different location. Here comes digital and social media marketing that connects each one of the most quickly. Digital marketing helps how to write content in accordance.

6. Social media marketing

This kind of marketing is done on various types of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and many more. These are some of the common platforms that are used in every country. It has a great role of online marketing or digital marketing on it.

This will help you to connect the required network of people that will purchase your product and increase your brand. Social media will help you not only to connect but it will also help to generate a great network and increase your revenue.

This is also known as future term marketing with various marketing goals and marketing strategy. Nowadays many affiliates have started making strategy on the social media platform

7.Email marketing

Email marketing includes a marketing plan where a person sends the regular email to the customer until the customer subscribes to your list. There are various types of emailing for them such as sending discount mail, offers mail, coupons mail, seasonal offer mail, and description of the product.

Some kinds of emailing are also done to the specific customer who has placed an order but hasn’t purchased it. This kind of mail it’s called a reminder email. How digital marketing is related to it? This kind of marketing connects the people from various sources to one platform where we can shoot our mail proposal to them. Digital marketing or internet marketing agency shows the desired analytics and gives a clear track of the audience. According to this, we can our next action

8.Graphic design

Graphic design is a kind of craft to create visual content with the help of images and 3D pictures so that we can communicate our message to the customers. For this kind of work, many people are working for the position of graphic designer in an organization.

When we talk about digital marketing, nothing is possible without any graphic design. In affiliate marketing, an affiliate earns money for the product sold to the customers. This means that digital platforms can be said as the foundation design is the interior turn on it to have a greater look and feel. Each digital marketing team has one graphic designer that will help you to showcase your concept in various mediums.

9.Mobile Application

Mobile application or an app is a type of software built by application developers to run either on mobile phones, android, or tablets. These apps are generally small individuals operating their function. Nowadays there are many apps available that have been marketed digitally in the world.

People have started promoting their apps with the help of digital mode. For example, you can see small ads run in any app you are currently working on. Digital marketing not only helps to promote an application but also helps to take an analysis of how many mobile users are there at present.

10.Search Engine Marketing

It is a kind of digital strategy to increase the visibility of a website through search engine pages. It has two terms, SEO and paid search. It helps to improve the customers researching for the products online and creates an impression. It is a process to find a new visitor and retain existing visitors.  


These are the total components used in it. If you are looking for the best organization to get the help of digital marketing then Vellko is the best digital marketing company in Bhopal. We have tried to mention everything so that you can get an idea of how it works. So are you looking to start with your company? Do let us know what your approach towards it is so that we can help you out. This is something called a complete package and if you will miss anyone of them then it will affect your performance.  

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